Long-Awaited Halal Bihalal in 2022


Gresik, East Java, Indonesia – 13 May 2022:¬†Maintaining good connections is an example of KELOLA’s dedication to the KELOLA Group’s business philosophy, also known as the KELOLA Way. For the past 28 years, the KELOLA Group has conducted yearly Halal Bihalal face-to-face gatherings. KELOLA Group was sure that the long-awaited event will be conducted this year after two years of being held online.

Winanda Prima Mahardhika, CEO of KELOLA Group, kicked off the event. In his address, he outlined many corporate growth plans, including boosting the production of each unit throughout Indonesia. He also spoke directly with the unit’s manager on the strengthening of business capital and the supply chain for each production unit.

Titik Widajati, Owner KELOLA Group

Titik Widajati, the owner of KELOLA Group, also got the opportunity to impart numerous things that she still firmly agreed to continue Muhammad Najikh’s ideas, which are to disseminate as many good actions for the larger society and promote top-down communication.

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