Juara, Optimis & Sinergi (JOS) with KELOLA Group Domestic SBU


Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia (18-19 January 2022) – The annual agenda of the annual meeting was held for the first time as a Business Unit for the KELOLA Group Domestic Unit in early 2022. Synergy for achievements is the theme of the annual meeting of the Domestic KELOLA Group Unit which was held on 18-19 January 2022 in Temanggung, located at PT Kelola Agro Makmur (KAM). Synergy means a form of merging process between PT Mitra Nasional Kualitas (MINAKU) and PT Kelola Niaga Makmur (KNM) into a harmonious unit so that it can produce something optimal and achieve achievements in accordance with the company’s vision and mission. Carrying the tagline “JOS” which is an acronym for the words “Juara, Optimis dan Sinergi” or in English, “Champion, Optimist and Synergy”, with the hope that every employee has a winning spirit and optimism so as to create an ecosystem of Synergized Domestic Unit KELOLA Group.

The first day of the event on January 18, 2022, was a meeting that was opened and started with remarks by Mr. Abdullah Smith as the KELOLA Group commissioner and the elaboration of the vision, mission, and organizational structure by Mr. Achmad Ilham as the General Manager of the KELOLA Group Domestic Unit. The discussion agenda from the annual meeting of the Domestic KELOLA Group Unit includes business reviews and sales targets from GT (General Trade) and MT (Modern Trade) in 2022, sales, digital marketing and marketing work programs as a whole, logistics administration, finance, and accounting, to Domestic product knowledge, which was closed by the presentation of human resource talk from HRD. All discussion materials were delivered by NSM (National Sales Manager), NMM (National Marketing), FA, and Logistics Manager, which was attended by participants ranging from TL (Team Leader), ASM (Area Sales Manager), RSM (Regional Sales Manager), RMM (Regional Marketing Manager) run very enthusiastically. From the annual meeting, new ideas and ideas are generated, especially related to the KELOLA Group Domestic strategy, as well as designing new SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) so that synergies can run and follow updated conditions that occur in 2022.

Not only meetings, activities were continued on the second day on January 19, 2022. The second day was filled with gathering events to create close bonds between employees so that in the future they can become a strong team unit with the JOS tagline through outbound activities. The chosen outbound event is a rafting activity on the Elo River, Magelang Regency. White water rafting on the Elo River is safe for beginners but can grow the adrenaline of the participants. During the rafting on the Elo River, it is traveled a distance of 12.5 kilometers with a travel time of 2.5 hours rafting, all participants who participate are treated to beautiful forest views and clear rivers. After the outbound activity, all participants returned to their respective work areas with the spirit of JOS!

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