Inspiring Life

KELOLA Group, which began with the spirit “Kitchen of Indonesia”, has grown massively as a group of multinational companies. We aim to inspire better lives for people and communities by bringing our commitment to sustainability.

The simplest approach to make an impact and improve the lives of others is through inspiring others.

3 Pillars of Sustainability development strategy

Spiritual Organization

Building professional character based on religious values. We believe in God’s is the only key that really matters in life. Getting used to doing religious values such as “working is an act of worship” and “thank God” in daily life is a long-term manifestation as human-being and as a professional. This also could build the harmony between spiritual corporations and stakeholders.

Empowering Tangible & Intangible Assets

There are 6 keys of empowering assets, namely: improving knowledge management, innovation of technology, entrepreneurship, empowering human capital, appropriate natural resources utilization, and marketing and resources globalization.

Improve World-Class Competitiveness

In order to improve the competitiveness through the principal and professional work methods, such as focus, continuous improvement, added value oriented, networking differentiation, empowerment BOP, outsourcing, mutual partnership, commercial excellence, re-engineering, business transformation an organic growth, blue ocean strategy, service excellence, thinking out of the box, sustainability excellence and eco-friendly business.

Business Philosophy

Basic Value

Basic Value

Transformation • Integrity • Welfare • People • Expertise

Business Process

Business Process

Supply Chain • Value Chain • Excellent Service • Quality Culture • Marketing-Branding

Business Competitiveness

Business Competitiveness

Entrepreneurship • Innovation •  BOP Empowerment • Partnership • Knowledge Management


  • Resources

    A priceless and long-term investment to build a reliable and competitive company.

  • Adaptable to Change

    Ability to absorb the advantage technology and able to provide consumer’s need.

  • Innovative

    Ability to absorb the advantage technology and able to provide consumer’s need.

  • Integrity

    Maintaining a professional mentality and ethical of honest, also responsible to the stakeholders.

  • Prosperity

    The welfare of stakeholders and society as well as social responsibility towards the environment is a moral obligation of company.

Kitchen of Indonesia

Aiming to be the first choice in meeting the taste needs of Indonesia family and consumer. The objective of KELOLA Group is contributing for an important role in food industry and the world of Indonesian culinary Being one of the Indonesian pride identity.


We take initiative to take concrete actions reducing the impact of the seafood business through our commitments in overcoming IUU fishing, catching methods considered as little impact for ETP species and complying to regulations applied.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Building corporate image through social activities for society and environment is one of the implementation of Group’s Business Philosophy The milestone of Corporate Social Responsibility activity is transforming the Company into perfectly stable in between business value and social value.