Agro-Industry Collaboration Model

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Founding Father KELOLA Group, late. Dr. (H.C.) Ir. Mohammad Nadjikh received an Honorary Doctorate (Honoris Causa) from the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB University) on Saturday, October 24, 2020. The open session for the awarding was held at the Grha Widya Wisuda Building, Bogor Agricultural Institute.

In his speech, the Rector of IPB University, Prof. Dr. Arif Satria, expressed his appreciation to Dr. (H.C.) Ir. Mohammad Nadjikh as an alumni of IPB with real dedication through the Agro-Industry Collaboration Model in the Fisheries and Agriculture fields as well as community empowerment. He is not just an entrepreneur who has succeeded in providing employment, but a businessman who has received honorary degrees through various qualifications and the basis of long and measured considerations.

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Arif Satria also mentioned Dr. (H.C.) Ir. Mohammad Nadjikh in the field of science and technology with 7 manufacturing technology innovations (patent filing process) which are very significant and useful for the advancement of agro-industry today and in the future.

To date, KELOLA Group has 32 companies and 92 miniplants, employs 14 thousand employees, partners with 200 thousand fishermen and 3500 assisted farmers, and exports products to 30 countries.

Hopefully Dr. (H.C.) Ir. Mohammad Nadjikh is a pious deed whose benefits continue to be felt for the homeland and the Indonesian nation. Amen.

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