About Us


A brief story of KELOLA Group

PT Kelola Mina Laut (KML) started in 1994, from a small-scale company with the sustainable improvement becomes KELOLA Group – Global Corporation.

“Perusahaan kelas Teri

       menjadi kelas Kakap

                     yang mengGurita”

Perusahaan kelas Teri menjadi,
kelas Kakap yang mengGurita

Through Silver-Milestone, the Strategic Bussiness Groups (Subsidiaries) Transform to Global Food Companies with a message “Kitchen of Indonesia” as the campaign. The significant transformation and sustainable growth of the company drives strategic business group to build Trusted Brands and High Quality Products in order to provide the best solution for consumers and to inspiring better life.

Contributing in Sustainable Life and Inspiring for The Better Life

We are contributing in Sustainable Life
and Inspiring for Better Life

  • Implementing Kelola Way as Business Philosophy (Corporate Value, Business Process and Business Competitiveness)

  • Become The Integrated Global Food Companies through trusted brands and Quality Products with the spirit of
    Kitchen of Indonesia.

  • To become Global Corporation that committed to providing the welfare of stakeholders, society and environmental sustainability.

  • Good Corporate Governance to the Group's Excellence Performance.

Our Value

Optimising Human Resource potential as a fundamental element to successful achievement. Increasing competitiveness through providing service and development as our Uniqueness. Adaptable as the key to create continuous improvement. High Integrity spirit of All KELOLA Group’s people to serve the best. Prosperity for the stakeholders, society and environmental sustainability.

Moh. Nadjikh

The Founding Father

Dr. (H.C.) Mohammad Nadjikh (1960 - 2020)

Kalau Berani Jangan Takut-Takut
Kalau Takut Jangan Berani-Berani

“Musuh utama adalah diri kita sendiri dan yang harus dilawan adalah hal-hal bersifat negatif dalam diri kita yang berpotensi menghambat kemajuan kita. Berfikir positif adalah kunci sukses dalam berkarya.”

Establishing KELOLA Group, formerly PT. Kelola Mina Laut as The Founder.

With his lifetime dedication, visionary leadership and incredible hard work, Mohammad Nadjikh built KELOLA Group from a small-scale company into a global corporation with inspiring visions and missions.

Winanda Prima Mahardhika

Chief Executive Officer

Winanda Rheza Pramudita

Chief Financial Officer

Kuncoro Catur Nugroho

Food Safety, Quality Management & Sustainability Director

Mohammad Hari Siswanto

Information Technology & Compliance Director

Mochammad Novi Saputra

Commercial & Business Development Director

Ajar Siswandono

Human Capital & General Affair Director

Winanda Yoga Dinamika

Commercial & Business Development Deputy Director

Zainul Wasik

President Commissioner

Abdullah Smith