Juara, Optimis & Sinergi (JOS) with KELOLA Group Domestic SBU

Supported MBKM Program, PT Kelola Agro Makmur Facilitated Faperta UGM


Starting as a small-scale company in 1994, by working hand-in-hand with subsidiaries and business partners to strengthen the company, KML Food has transformed became KELOLA Group.

As the KELOLA Group grew, thus did the aspiration to enlighten and inspire vulnerable people to live more fulfilling lives for a better future.

KELOLA Group, which began as a small seafood business, will continue to grow its business sector in the seafood processing industry.

Continuing business development, KELOLA Food focuses on processed food products by ensuring food quality and safety.

Moreover, KELOLA Group, through KELOLA Agro has developed and processed agricultural and plantation products into high-quality goods.

KELOLA Trade focuses on marketing, promotion, and distribution to grow the network and build brand images.

Our Sustainability Approach

  • Sustainable Practices

  • Seafood Safety and Quality

  • Traceability

  • People and Communities

  • Integrated Partnership

Sustaining Indonesia as a world-class culinary gateway through the richness and authenticity of all Indonesian cuisines.

Umbrella Brand

Bringing happiness to every loving consumer by serving delicacies from our trusted brand with high-quality products.


Through a comprehensive digital platform, Kitchen of Indonesia contains a wide range of insights about food that is easier to reach.


Kitchen of Indonesia as a campaign promotes eating halal and healthy food to live a happy and fulfilling life.